What If I Told You That You Can Get All Your Cancer Registry Continuing Education (CE) Credits Without Ever Leaving Home?

Discover How To Get the "Best Of The Best" Training In Your Industry, Save Money, AND Begin Using Valuable Cancer Registry Resources Right Away While You Become an Expert in Your Field

Cancer Registrars know that training, continuing education (CE) and maintenance of their Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) credential is important.  While some registrars spend their entire life learning new things just for the sake of knowing, most have more practical and pragmatic reasons for why or how they participate in educational opportunities. 

As cancer registry career paths become more specialized, it requires training and continuing education on current and foundational topics just to keep up with the changes.  Today, CE is so important that it is often needed just to maintain your place in the job market.   

As the job market becomes even more competitive, those who have been in the registry for years find themselves in a position of needing more education than ever before.  The need to stay current on industry standards and changes in medicine is further challenged by fewer employer-provided resources or funding for professional education.   

Learning can, and should, be a lifelong pursuit for personal and professional enrichment.  At RegistryMindset we understand the unique needs of cancer registrars and help you to reach your CE and training goals, and maintain a full and satisfying lifestyle as a cancer registrar and expert in your community

Find Out How To Super-Charge Your

CE and Training Needs

When you make the important decision to invest in your professional training and CE you will become a member of our elite cancer registry community at Registry Mindset.  Members benefit from having unlimited access to state-of-the-art online learning programs and resources. 

Key Benefits

Take advantage of contemporary CE programs from the comfort of your home or office.  No need to use your valuable time finding a continuing education program that meets your needs or travelling across the country to stay in a stuffy hotel room or worry about your family while you're away!
Become an expert in your field by expanding your knowledge base with our courses designed by, and for, today's successful cancer registrars. 

Develop and enjoy the benefits of having your own elite cancer registry peer network!  You can  tap into these resources from anywhere in the world!

Submit course completion credits to NCRA for your biannual CTR credential maintenance!  You take the course and we provide you with all the documentation and proof you need for your records.

Discover "tips of the trade" and helpful hints to make your daily work as a cancer registrar easier and more productive!  Add value and enjoyment to your work day by learning how to work "smarter, not harder."

Can I share a secret with you?  The benefits don't stop there!  I personally make sure that you get more than we promised you.  I have devoted my personal and professional life to promoting and helping cancer registrars around the world to being recognized and valued for their contribution to oncology healthcare!  When you become a member in our program we will give you additional bonuses and material that are not even listed on this page.  We communicate with you and we ask for your feedback.  We ensure that all of your continuing education needs are met and that you are 100% satisfied with our program

What Cancer Registrars Are Saying ...

Hearing me tell you about our fantastic system is not enough.We have worked with many of your cancer registry peers and want to share just some words from them:

"Michele is a person of great integrity...I commend her spirit of getting it done!  Professionally...she uses technology available to meet the needs of the audience..marketing and education for the sake of the national level of the registry field..Michele has had ideas ahead of their time and I have seen her skills be sought after..."


Annette H.

New York

"...Michele...researches the topics of her presentations to increase her already extensive knowledge base.  She speaks with ease and clarity and humor.  [She] knows what she is talking about, and it shows - although she is never pedantic.  Audiences love to listen to her and they respond with interest and enthusiasm."

Louise S.


"I am so excited...I cannot believe this happening.  You have given me hope.  My anxiety has turned into excitement.  There IS hope and one day soon I will be able to ...do it in a career I love!  I want to succeed in this field, I just want to set myself up for the best chance and not set myself up to fail at it."

Julie C.


Are you ready to get started?  You may be wondering what you get, besides lifelong career success and recognition from your employers and peers, when you invest in our system.  So, let me share with you what you get when you become a member in Registry Mindset.

What You Get

Monthly Continuing Education Course

Courses are 100% online and include text, audio, video, PowerPoint, PDF documents, full-color graphics and more as well and a CE quiz.  Each course is eligible for NCRA credential maintenance for 0.5 - 1.0 credit hours and includes a course syllabus and official certificate of completion needed for biannual documentation.

Cancer Registrar Resources

Additional resources and references materials are provided in downloadable format for you to use in your registry. These may include anatomical, diagnostic, staging, clinical, statistical or other resources to help you achieve success


Our monthly newsletter is packed with current healthcare news and articles relevant to cancer registrars and the monthly continuing education topic.  Member news, promotionals, as well as tips and hints for cancer registrars and professional development

Discounts on Events and Products

Members also receive discounts on workshops or other continuing education opportunities, products or services we offer including regional workshops, CTR Exam Study Group, special CE courses, books, multimedia products, and more.

Online Networking

Members have unique, and private, opportunities to network with their peers to problem-solve, brainstorm or to answer questions about the latest standards or guidelines.

Mentoring Webinars

At your convenience, join a live webinar or tele-seminar for peer-to-peer mentoring.  These are power-packed forums to discuss what is happening in your registry today, discuss the latest changes or challenges with new standards or guidelines and share your problems or concerns with our elite community of cancer registry experts.

Bonuses and More!

Do you want more?  Because RegistryMindset members also get these bonuses!

Bonus #1

"Cancer Registry Hall of Fame" audio series featuring live interviews with experts and individuals who are recognized for their success and achievement in cancer registry.

Bonus #2

"Registrars Toolkit" our own series of downloadable white papers or self-study courses focusing on specific topics or projects for cancer registrars.  These includes topics such as: follow-up methods and sources, annual report preparation, marketing your cancer registry, and so forth. 

Bonus #3

Online store featuring motivational, CTR and cancer-specific mugs, keychains, calendars, apparel and gifts for your home or office.  % of proceeds will go to cancer-specific charities.

Bonus #4

Important audio and video presentations on cancer-related topics or programs that will enhance the cancer registrar's skills and knowledge base.  Many of these will also have CE credits that may be earned. 

A Fresh Approach to Cancer Registrar Training and Education ...

What if I told you that for a nominal investment each month you could become part of our elite and sophisticated cancer registry training and continuing education program?  Would that be important to you?  If you are like me, you spend a lot of your valuable time each year seeking out educational opportunities that are interesting and of value to you.  Here's the good news!  When you become a member of Registry Mindset you can use your time for more important tasks or spend more time with your family or friends!  We have done all the work for you, all you have to do is show up and use the system to your advantage.  It's really that simple!  So, if you are ready to take that important step into investing in your future by becoming a cancer registry expert who is valued and recognized for their contribution to this industry, then scroll down and sign-up today. 

Did I tell you about my bold guarantee?  We guarantee you will love our system!  There are no "if's, and's or but's" about it.  If for any reason you do not feel our product delivers what we have promised or contributes to your educational needs, all you have to do is send us the documentation on the courses you have taken and why they didn't meet our needs and return any free materials we have given you.  We will refund your investment (up to one year) 100%, no questions asked!  So, I assume all the risk, you get all the benefit. 

To get started on your personalized cancer registry CE program today, click on the enroll button below and you can get started right away! 


Due to the tremendous response, we have decided to extend our special offer!  Through midnight this coming on Friday  we will offer the entire Registry Mindset continuing education program for just $27 per month.  This includes all featured benefits, products and services AND bonus materials PLUS more surprise gifts.

That is over a $900 value for just $27!

Payment Options

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All subscriptions licensed to single users only

Multi-user or corporate rates on request


The competition for cancer registry jobs is getting fierce and without keeping on top of your game and ensuring that you have all the right knowledge and skills, you could be a great disadvantage.  But, members of the Registry Mindset program will have an advantage of their competitors because they will be up on the latest clinical and cancer registry concepts offered today!  They will also be backed by a strong and elite network of their cancer registry peers.   We know you will be 100% satisfied with our product and want to share this with others.  Come join our revolutionary program and step out as a cancer registry leader today!


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